How to Enjoy Your Internet Marketing Or Home Based Business Opportunity

It seems like a simple enough thing: You see a home based business opportunity or an internet marketing business opportunity that pays a pretty good commission. You like the people involved. You join the opportunity. You get your training. You get to work. All in all, you feel you just joined the best affiliate marketing program in the world.

It's fine for the first week, after all, you are pretty excited about the home based business opportunity you just joined, right? Or, if it is an internet marketing business opportunity, you've watched all the tutorials, joined the forums, and placed some ads.

So, you begin to work whatever system you have been taught, but by week number 2 or 3, for some reason, you seem to have lost some steam.

Then, after the end of your first month, it's all you can do to pick up the sales literature or log into your affiliate marketing system. You cringe when you see your credit card bill for your monthly investment in the business or your products. You have stuffed your contact file into a drawer. You have shoved all the product samples into the closet where at least they won't collect too much dust. You have stopped working. You haven't placed any ads, and you have been avoiding your sponsor.

Why? What happened?

To answer that, let's take a quick look at why you joined to begin with. Let's say you joined a home based business opportunity where you attended a business presentation meeting: Did you get excited by the hype and thrill where all the leaders and top-10 money earners smiled down from the stage and told you that YOU could do this too?

Or, if it was an internet marketing business opportunity, did you get excited by the video testimonials of the others who made a bunch of sales and had some big paychecks to show for it, and picture yourself as the next testimonial?

Why DID you join?

Let's say you joined a food or nutrition business opportunity. Do you enjoy eating those types of products? Do you read about nutritional products? Are you passionate about nutrition? Do you really have any interest at all in the nutrition industry?

What if you joined a financial services opportunity. Are the services offered of value to you? Do you use them? Do you need them? Are you interested in whatever financial services are offered to begin with?

Look around at the most successful and happiest people you know - in and out of internet and home based business opportunities. What do you notice about them? There is a particular local contractor who always seems busy, and always seems to have work. You might think he would be exhausted after a long day of running a construction crew. But, after visiting a yard sale at his home, I noticed that he had extensive landscaping, trellis work, decks, and additions to his home. I remarked how lovely the work was, and his response was, "Thank you. I love building. It's fun! It doesn't seem like work.".

You will notice that people who are successful marketing a travel opportunity tend to love travel, and use their product to take their own vacations. Have you noticed that the representatives who have the most devoted following for their candle or cosmetics parties are passionate about their products, and that they always use them in their own lives.

Have you ever noticed that writers are also avid readers? Or that most musicians who play instruments or sing also enjoy listening to music? In my case, I enjoy writing about internet marketing and home based business opportunities. When I'm at a restaurant or on a plane, you will typically see me bent over a Success or Entrepreneur Magazine.

This is really the key observation: Notice when someone's business and way of making a living has actually become a lifestyle. Most likely, these folks do what they love, and they love what they do; thus their talents, skills, and interests determine which profession, or in the case of the internet marketing or home based business, which opportunity to choose.

So, it is important to examine the things you enjoy to begin with. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

If you enjoy travel, find at an opportunity that includes marketing travel. If you enjoy cosmetics, align yourself with an opportunity marketing make up or perfumes. You get the idea. For example, jewelry is just not my thing. I don't wear much jewelry, and what little I do wear can be tucked into one ring box. So, trying to sell me on selling jewelry is fruitless. It could be the best jewelry opportunity on Earth, but I will not be able to muster up the interest or energy to make a successful go at it.

It is also important to consider the structure of the opportunity. If you prefer working online and reaching a global audience, choose an opportunity that doesn't rely on face-to-face business presentations in your neighborhood. Do you enjoy blogging? Do you love writing? Then, join an internet marketing business opportunity that promotes the use of these activities to market.

If you align yourself with an internet marketing business opportunity or other home based business opportunity that reflects the type of person you are: your interests, your passions, and your personal marketing style and strengths, you will find that you are more likely to enjoy working the business.

You might discover that you look forward to the work! You will be more likely to stick with it, and ultimately succeed, and thus getting to the point where there is little difference between your business and your lifestyle.

And that, my friend, is a great place to be!

Copyright (c) 2009 Kathleen Tremblay

How to Find Work at Home Business Opportunity and Avoiding Scams

My friend Eric decided that he wanted to quit his 8 to 5 job. So, he started to find business opportunity in the Internet to work with. But even after nearly nine months, he seems to be circling around with very little progress. It doesn't seem right because he seems to give lots of effort. Looking deeper on the business opportunities he tried to promote, I'm worried that he had fallen into Internet scams.

There are many true and profitable business opportunity in the Internet. But there are also lots of scams. How to differentiate good business opportunity from scam. Allow me to share with you the tips.

1. Where to search?
The first step in finding home based business opportunity, is searching for a bunch of them. Here are some great places where you can find them. Just look around and bookmark some of the interesting ones. We will then select the "good" ones from the "bad" ones.

  • Traffic Swarm: Traffic swarm is a platform where Internet Marketers advertise their business. You can find tons of them here.
  • Clickbank: You can find great opportunities here, especially affiliate type of opportunities.
  • Pay Dot Com: Although lesser in numbers, you can also find some business opportunities here.
  • eBay: Thinking that eBay is only selling physical products? Try typing in "business opportunity" in the search box. I was quite amazed with the numbers of home based business opportunities you can find on eBay.
  • Search engine: Just type in "business opportunity" or "home based business opportunity" and you should get a very very long list. Try searching on several search engines. Different search engines give slightly different result.

2. Does it has a strong product base?
Now go through the list you have bookmarked. Look at their products or services. Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer, not a seller. Which product would you buy? Read through their sales page. Do they emphasis more on the benefits of their product, or do they emphasis on how can you make lots of money by recruiting others? Most pyramid scheme scams do not have a good product base. They simply just have "some products," and stress on how you can make lots of money by recruiting others. Don't waste your time with this kind of opportunities. Pioneer people in these schemes do have tremendous returns. But do you think you can live happily on the expense of other people loses? Furthermore, how are you going to know that you are the pioneers?

3. Is it too good to be true?
Some Internet scams are very smart. They know you will be looking for a strong product base, so they disguise themselves with reputable products. However, you can still detect whether it is a scam or not. Even with good products, take caution if it is promising:

  • an unbelievable income returns,
  • and with unbelievable little efforts from your side.

Don't get me wrong? There are lots of legitimate businesses that can give you tremendous returns in a very short time, but the key differences here is on the effort you need to put. Great returns can only come with a combination of creativity and hard work.

4. See what others say?
Second opinions are important too. Do consider what other people are saying. You can do this by simply searching the Internet. Nonetheless, this should not be your only guide. As we know our economy is dominated by 20% of the population, who are fast in identifying and grabbing opportunities. While the other 80% who are skeptical share the leftover. We want to be cautious, but we don't want to lose a great business opportunity just because of what others are saying right?

5. Why just find a business opportunity?
Finally, why just merely find a business opportunity. Why don't you find a business opportunity that generates passive income? When I search for business opportunity, I'll search for business opportunity which:

  • offers recurring income.
  • provide work procedures which can be followed or duplicated.
  • is viral in nature.

In a nutshell, good business opportunities have a strong product base and is never "too good to be true." On top of finding a business opportunity, why don't you put a little bit more effort in finding one that can help you build a passive income over time. Smart marketers always build a "system" instead of merely something to sell.

How to Pick the Best Home Business Opportunities For Healthy Profits

Home Business Opportunities are growing rapidly due to the fact that our generation has a better quality of lifestyle and greater flexibility of time to do what you have always wanted. With your own home based business, you can always have extra quality time with your loved ones and more time to actually work on your dreams of what you really want to be. Finding out how to evaluate home business opportunities begins with your way of thinking and what you are looking for out of your home enterprise.

It is important to find a home based business that is globally recognized especially for example home business opportunities in Australia and other regions in the world, direct sales home business opportunities virtually plays a big part in this industry. There are many industries to choose from as well in this industry, be it automotive products, health & supplements, home security, cleaning and household products, and digital products and services common to internet network marketing.

One of the best home based business opportunities has a connection with health and nutritional products. Not only can you earn a healthy retail and wholesale profit from customers wanting to improve their health, but you gain business opportunities, meeting with clients all over the world virtually and have a better healthy lifestyle. Everyone wants to look beautiful, handsome, young and healthy. So, there you go! A step to a home based business opportunity. Begins from home on your desk or in bed over breakfast, you are getting on the right track.

This is one of the classic cases of being able to work from home, in your own hours, around the kids and lifestyle, over the phone and on the internet, and stay in your pyjamas all day if you want.

Herbalife International is one of the home based business companies that involves selling nutritional, healthy and beauty slimming products that requires you to work from home and communicating with everyone all over the world. With the small investment you make to get yourself registered as an Independent Distributor for the company, you get product samples to try out yourself, and then you can start to retail products for a healthy profit.

With home business opportunities in Australia and European regions in over 60 countries, your own direct sales home business opportunities starts from your living room. Looking at Herbalife website itself, there are many success stories which creates inspiration for those who need that kind of lifestyle or just to be free from a string of doubtful loans and debts. After all, Herbalife is one of the best home business opportunities you can find now in the market.

Who to work with?

This decision is paramount and one must select the company (with which they intend to do business with) with vigil. You can get tips for selecting the best business and leadership teams in direct sales home business opportunities from a site that features contributions from direct sales nutrition consultants like Helene Malmsio and Warran Tattersall, who each have well over a decade of experience in the business, at The Health Success Site. An important criterion of how to evaluate home business opportunities is that the company must have a good name in the market and have a global presence including home business opportunities Australia.

In conclusion, there are many opportunities out there but you just have to look closely at where you want to aim and be at in your lifestyle and your income. If you always keep yourself in a hole hiding undercover and always think of it as a scam, you are seriously getting nowhere. If risk is not taken, then living your life to the fullest does not exist. Only those who make a difference in their lives are successful because they took the opportunity, chance and also risk in doing something new. The choice is in your hands. How to evaluate home business opportunities after all depends on you.

How Easy it is to Start an Online Home Based Business Opportunity

It is so beautiful to recognize that the strongest tool for your home based business opportunity is located inside yourself. It is your attitude. Do you want to do it, or do you just want to play with the idea? What a huge difference!

It is the attitude, which gives you power to go through all the obstacles of your online business opportunity will meet. And it is not the outside help, which is the key. Online home business opportunity is the business and you run it. Period.

Running a home based business opportunity is extremely rewarding, easy and fun.

The end result is the success, which means that you see how your own ideas and attitude will be accepted by the other home business opportunity owners.

It is really a great feeling!

Why would it be realistic to start online home business opportunities without experience and to become successful? The answer is simple, because so many have walked this route so many times.

To start home business opportunities ask discipline. All working tactics have been invented, so the question is, do you want to pick them for your online home based business opportunity or not?

So here is the success formula for your online home based business opportunities: find them, copy them and train them by repeating them several times.

Success Requirements For Online Home Based Business Opportunity

A great starting point to your online home based business opportunity is to dig a quality training course, which you like and understand. The idea is that you will learn or are willing to learn and that is the reason why your feelings have so great meaning.

Your attitude is # 1 factor but the # 2 is absolutely the discipline, i.e. can you concentrate into your new online home based business opportunity with all your power and are you ready to stand the obstacles ahead?

Make yourself one promise: I do not spend any money on promotions, before I fully understand, why should I do that. This small advice can save your motivation.

Make another promise: your online home based business opportunity is a long term operation, which will grow little by little, not suddenly overnight.

6 Steps To Starting Home Based Business Opportunity

Here is my success-factor list for your home based business opportunity:

1. A strong attitude and a clear vision for home based business opportunity.
2. A proven, respected and long term affiliate program to join.
3. A training lesson, which you like and which you really want to learn. It must be your style.
4. A selection of online business opportunity marketing tools: videos, ebooks, email courses etc.
5. A helpful and active home based business opportunity marketing forum, where you can meet proven marketers, ask for help and share your own tips.
6.You need a quick, professional and helpful online support, which works 24 hour a day.

Find Your Own Online Business Opportunity Expertise

This is the key to your success with your home based business opportunity. You are talented in an area, which you do not know on your early days in the Net.

Your feelings have a great role here. Trust on them.

There are so many areas to become an expert. Article writing, PPC, SEO, forum writing, link building, list building, customer care, writing own ebooks or reports and so on. As you can understand, you cannot be a master on all of these fields, so you have to select.

I want to give you one hint. Think, if you could develop yourself to grow as a writer. Why do I recommend this? Because the Net operates with information, so a persuasive writings will do wonders for home based business opportunity.

What Dominates Your Thoughts - Dreaming of a White Christmas Or Successful Home Business Opportunity

There is no doubt that for most people the thought of a white Xmas is romantic one and there is also absolutely no doubt that to have a successful home business opportunity is top of mind for a vast majority of people worldwide.


The reasons are becoming more obvious by the day as the global finances are going into meltdown leaving people worried and concerned about their future, most of who know that deep down that to achieve the financial and time freedom that is the desire of every single person on the planet. They also know deep within their soul that it is their birthright and that to be in control of their destiny they cannot rely on their employer if they are an employee or your franchisor if you are a franchisee or the consistency of the real estate market if you are selling real estate or finance etc. Even if you own a brick and mortar business you are reliant on your location with the continuing increase in your rent and the whims of your customer toward your product , the affects of foreign imports on your margins the cost of staff and so on.

You should not need a lot of convincing that the search for a successful home business opportunity is on the minds of millions, with the numbers of people coming online everyday seeking that end goal is absolutely staggering.

To meet that demand there also is a plethora of opportunities on offer some good, some very good, some excellent and some just downright scams but hey has that not been always the case if you look back at history, so how do you go about making the right choice for you. I say right choice for you because not all home business opportunity offerings suit everybody as with everything else in life there are certain things we enjoy doing that other people would not and that what gives us the wonderful diversity we enjoy today.

Firstly doing something you enjoy will always bring you better results than doing something you do not enjoy, keep that in my mind if you are chasing money by doing a home business opportunity you are not comfortable with whether that is the products/information it sells or the integrity of the of the owners or the fairness of the compensation plan or of the method of building your home business opportunity you will never be successful long term. Working a home business opportunity is no different than an offline business opportunity in that you need to build a relationship with your partners and customers of trust and integrity, with the online home business opportunity your reputation is the key ingredient to your success and this where you can go terribly wrong.

You see this is where aspiring home business opportunity seekers go from program to program always looking for the next big thing almost looking for instant success, well this approach is bad news even fatal news to you achieving the success you desire or even crave. As with anything substantial it takes time, patience, dedication, knowing what you end goal looks like and keeping that top of mind at all times, you have probably heard the saying "see the end result and do not lose sight of it" by doing that you remain focused. It also requires learning and sharing ideas with other like minded individuals through their forums or training centers.

What are some of the things to bear in mind when deciding on what constitutes a home business opportunity that suits you and where you will feel comfortable, now by saying comfortable I do not mean that you should not be challenged because challenge is the a main ingredient in the achievement of success online. This is because the internet is always evolving and there is and always will be new ways of improving your business, so what I mean here is that you do not join a home business opportunity because it is simple, an example would be where the marketing revolves around Traffic Exchanges and Safelists, before I go on there is nothing wrong with this style of marketing used properly which the majority do not do but if you are mindlessly just clicking away you are not growing your skills, so you have to challenge yourself.

Some of the other attributes you need to consider whether the home business opportunity offers;

Multiple Streams of income. Having one product or style of product restricts your business you need to continually add new product/information to your website to keep pace with what is in demand, you notice I said your website, it is imperative that your home business opportunity has your own website not an affiliate site as this is only way you can achieve presence on the main search engines which in turn gives you long term income from targeted buyers as they come looking for you. Don't worry if you do not know how to build a website all genuine home business opportunity owners will help you do this so look for that when you are deciding as it is the most crucial aspect of achieving success with your home business opportunity.

The ability to leverage your income. To achieve this the home business opportunity offers training, sample ads, banners, advertising co-ops and a forum and has a presence on Warrior Forum which is the most informative forum on the internet and is a must for all new aspiring and old hand home business opportunity owners. In other words there needs to be a well thought out step by step approach to List Building, you probably have heard the quote "The money is in the list" without this your business will be patchy at best.

You need to set a budget and a time frame. As with any business start up there is cost and that needs to be managed depending on your financial situation but this is where you progress at your own rate of learning so as you master one aspect of marketing then move onto the next and so on this is a journey not a 100 meter sprint. You need to stick at it for 12 months minimum and everyday do something to improve and promote your home business opportunity, so by saying that do not expect to be in profit in your first month or even 3 months because if you do you only set yourself up for disappointment.