Home Business Opportunity 101

Opportunity is a word that we shouldn't take for granted because it could mean such wonderful things. Have you ever heard stories of people talking about lost opportunities, and how they missed out of a lifetime's chance that will never come back? It's those kinds of stories that make us say to ourselves, "That will never happen to me. I'm going to take advantage of every opportunity I get!" This is where we get 'hooked' in a manner of speaking because this is where the Internet wizards and gurus join the scene promising opportunity. They have made the word opportunity into a hazy word. It is a word so hazy that we don't even know its meaning anymore. The word is now almost always coupled with the word scam. And that word-without a doubt-means, "Buyer beware".

So, what are we to do now? Do we crawl into the sand and bury our heads? How does one determine if the opportunity before us is legitimate or not? Do we take the word of the charlatan and his groupies providing testimonial after testimonial? Do we hire a legal staff to investigate it for us? Do we rely on news reports or 'as seen on TV' stamps? The whole thing is nothing but a giant quandary. The word opportunity now most certainly resembles a betting institution. It has become a game to decide how much will ride. This puts us in a defensive position wondering how much can we lose vs. how much is to be gained.

Finally, the word opportunity leaves us wondering, "whose opportunity?" Is it an opportunity for me to make money, or is it an opportunity for the founder of this plan to take my money. For the most part now-a-days, people shy away from the word opportunity unless they know a few things first and do their research.

I have lost my share of money due to scams and other issues, and I don't want you to fall into the same traps. So, here are some things to do before taking part in a home business opportunity.

1. Google it, but make sure to read as much into Google as you can because the first page of Google is almost always bought and paid for. (When I was researching the opportunity I am taking part in, I read through 27-pages before I felt comfortable to take on the task, invest the money, and apply for the opportunity.)

2. Look for both positive and negative blog postings to see what both worries and satisfies new clients of this opportunity.

3. Make a list of your own positive and negative reasons to join. Usually, you can let the most number of positive items win. However, there may be that one or two negative items in which you give more weight that cause you to decide otherwise.

4. Check with the Better Business Bureau. However, this-like the first Google page-is something that is bought and paid for. (I have seen companies with thousands of complaints lodged against them that have an A+ rating because they are members of the BBB. And I have seen companies with only a few complaints against them with much lower ratings; and I'm guessing it's because they are not members of the BBB)

5. Check with people you trust, or people who are already in business. These savvy people usually have a knack for finding opportunity and seeing through scams.

6. Find out if there is a business plan on file. This is something that can usually be trusted. This is a document banks look at to give short and long term loans. If a business plan exists this usually means that this particular opportunity has a huge upfront cost to it. It may still be a gamble though.

7. Find out about all the fees upfront. You don't want to be surprised when a monthly subscription fee finds its way to your credit card.

8. Figure out if it is something you will be interested in doing. Let the work peak your interest, not the promise of riches galore.

9. See into the future of this opportunity. Do you see yourself proudly doing it 10-years from now, or is it one of those 'get rich quick' things-be careful of this; research it fully before

The Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity

The Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity is an association of entrepreneurs, pros and work-at-home business owners dedicated to providing the very best quality holiday values and travel benefits on today's market, and making them available to their clientele at rock-bottom costs. This has in turn made one of the hottest and most rewarding business opportunities in the World.

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The Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity is in the Travel industry, which is at present at nearly $7 TRILLION yearly, and is the planet's biggest industry. It employs over ten percent of the planet's workforce and is growing 23% faster than the global economy! Trends like this lead directly to money success and define our lives.

Now, one thing is true about trends: On a trend you may either SPEND money or Make cash, depending on where you position yourself! You are in the right place to learn how YOU can get started in to the travel industry and start MAKING MONEY with the most up to date trend today. A nice example of making profits on a trend is Bill Gates, who maintains the top-flight status of being one of the wealthiest men in the world as he positioned himself in front of one hot trends: The PC Revolution!

Vacation and Travel is now the third biggest retail industry in America and biggest in the world! To take greatest advantage of this fantastic trend, the Board of directors of The Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity committed themselves to researching and building business relationships with travel corporations that possess a proven past record of consumer satisfaction and industry credibility. The result? Coastal Vacations!

The Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity travel package comes with all that you need to love traveling around the planet. You will have access to condo rental stays for as much as eighty-five percent off rack rates, hotel stays for taxes on the room, all-inclusive beach resorts around the planet, and lots more! This is a travel package like no other! Here are three main characteristics of the packages:

1. And did we mention that The Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity is a lifetime membership club!? That suggests you can travel and earn money FOR LIFE! That is right! No expiry dates, no rush, merely an ONE TIME investment and you can not only market these extraordinary travel packages, but you may also travel the world for "pennies on the buck" for life.

2. Another amazing fact about The Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity is this travel club membership is 100% transferable, so that you can even will this extraordinary travel package and business to your youngsters!

3. Without reference to your prior work experience, you have a wonderful opportunity to be extremely successful with The Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity. Our commissions of $1,000.00, $3,200 and $9,705 can swiftly replace an existing income or add to it nicely!

4.Unlimited. You have unlimited access to order as many vacations as you like.

The numbers don't lie and The Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity, with the help of experienced presenters and world class sites present for you while your sponsors are rewarded extensively to help close your prospects. It is the best mix for home based business success.

Here is Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity says you will get:

- Time freedom to spend with your family, to go to the beach.

- Money liberty to buy a brand spanking new fifty" Plasma screen or a brand new Lexus SUV

- Travel to a Caribbean destination to an All-inclusive resort with no worries about money.

- The Income that You deserve

The Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity is an opportunity to change your lifestyle and ultimately do all the stuff that you need to do and essentially can have the money to do it. Any serious opportunity hunter should definitely check into The Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity.

Looking To Start a Lucrative Business Opportunity?

Many people are starting to think about starting a lucrative business opportunity because of all the fancy advertisements and flashy lifestyles that are shown. I am writing this article for you today to cut away all the flashy garbage that encompasses this idea and what it really takes to start and maintain a lucrative business opportunity.

Let's Start From the Beginning of Where You Are

Many people start looking at this as an option to their current situation, while it can be an option, and a very good one, I believe that people are drawn to this type of opportunity that have a lottery mentality. Let me guess, you are sick and tired of your boss, you don't like the one hour commute to work, hate working weekends, the mandatory overtime, or the hundreds of other reasons I could mention. Maybe you feel that you should get more then the measly 35k a year your company pays you, maybe you haven't got a raise in years due to cut-backs; maybe there is no more room for growth in your industry. No matter what you do or where you are at in your life, there are people that have been there, some that have done something about it and some others that have not.

What is a Lucrative Business Opportunity Exactly?

A business opportunity, in the simplest terms, is a packaged business investment that allows the buyer to begin a business. (Technically, all franchises are business opportunities, but not all business opportunities are franchises.) Unlike a franchise, however, the business opportunity seller typically exercises no control over the buyer's business operations. In fact, in most business opportunity programs, there's no continuing relationship between the seller and the buyer after the sale is made.

When you start adding the word "lucrative" which by definition means; "profitable; moneymaking; remunerative: a lucrative business." The whole meaning starts changing.

Now you and I both have the same definition in front of us but we could both feel that "lucrative" has a different meaning and expectation.

Before You Jump In Head First

I am going to be completely transparent and authentic with you right here and right now, pay close attention as many people will not be this completely honest. There are many opportunities out in the world that claim lucrative results and show you flashy cars and million dollar homes and everyone around the pool having a good time. Is it always like this, NO! Did they make a million in 30 days, NO! Did they have to get out of their comfort zone and learn new skills YES! Are they telling you the truth that they make 50k a month in their business, possible...but it took work. You will find that the majority of these people that are promoting this "lucrative business opportunity" are connected to the internet, and affiliated with a company somehow. While I do recommend looking at a company for what they do sell as a product or a service, this is not about that...this is about you as an individual. This is about you willing to learn from others, willing to take control of your life and willing to take action.

What do you mean it is about me?

Exactly as it sounds, it is about you, not the company, not the product, not the cost factors, but you and only you. I come across many people that have the mentality that starting any business in today's economy is crazy and it is a formula for destruction. Guess what...they are right! You want to know why? It is because they have already decided in their mind that it won't work and they ultimately would not do anything and everything in their power to succeed. You have heard it before and know for a fact that the mind is a very powerful thing; it can allow you to succeed or allow you to fail.

Ok Let's Say you Have the Right Mindset

If you think that you have the right mindset, guess what you DON'T! You have got to know, not think! You have got to know that this lucrative business opportunity that you want to start, you WILL be successful or you will die trying. A mindset is not like a light switch, you can't just flip it to another position and be satisfied with the result; but like a dimmer switch you can work on the desired result with the right tools.

If You Are Still Reading - It is time for a gut check

Wondering "my lord what now?" This is where the 3 percent of people will rise to the occasion and the 97 percent of people will go back to their measly 35k a year, obnoxious bosses, long hours and swallow the normal "career path" we have been accustomed to. A lucrative business opportunity is called lucrative for a very simple reason, it is lucrative and it can be very rewarding for those that have a "why" that drives with every waking moment. Don't have a "why" well don't bother looking in your nearest shopping center for one, it won't be there. Your why is inside of you, and it has to be a passion that is just tearing you apart inside, clawing to be brought to life, a entity that drives you to be someone and something different.

Does it Matter If I have No "Why"

I just typed that and I really cannot believe it, or where to start... Your "why" is the reason you get up in the morning, what you do throughout the day, how you interact with other people. Your "why" makes you who you are. Wondering what my why was? It really doesn't matter, what matters is your "why", why are you reading this? What in your life has brought you here? What happened today that made you get on the internet and look for a "lucrative business opportunity" and see the title and read this far? If you don't have a "why"...no one can give you one, they can't help you obtain something that is not a burning internal passion that will drive you!

And you thought This Was an Opportunity

It is an opportunity, a opportunity for you to look internally and decide what is your "why" and are you willing to be one of the 3 percent of people that have such a powerful "why" that they take action. The same people that seek out the tools to make a decision to change their situation, I have been in shoes that I was not happy in, many times; eventually I did something to change the situation. Sometimes I was too late in changing my situation and I Look back now and think I should have done something sooner. You want to know why I did not change something sooner, my "why" was not strong enough, it was not busting at the seams to be released. If you have a "why" that is tearing you apart inside and feel that there has got to be a solution, there is...and while I know that I have found my why and I am willing to share with you my resolution, this may not be for you. If you do not feel that this will help you with your "why" I fully understand and I only wish you the best in finding a solution to help you move forward.